simdjson  0.3.1
Ridiculously Fast JSON
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CarrayJSON array
 CdocumentA parsed JSON document
 Cdocument_streamA forward-only stream of documents
 CiteratorAn iterator through a forward-only stream of documents
 CelementA JSON element
 Ckey_value_pairKey/value pair in an object
 CobjectJSON object
 CparserA persistent document parser
 CimplementationAn implementation of simdjson for a particular CPU architecture
 CminifyMinifies a JSON element or document, printing the smallest possible valid JSON
 Cpadded_stringString with extra allocation for ease of use with parser::parse()
 Csimdjson_errorException thrown when an exception-supporting simdjson method is called
 Csimdjson_resultThe result of a simdjson operation that could fail
 Csimdjson_result< dom::array >The result of a JSON conversion that may fail
 Csimdjson_result< dom::element >The result of a JSON navigation that may fail
 Csimdjson_result< dom::object >The result of a JSON conversion that may fail