• Fast: Over 4x faster than RapidJSON and 25x faster than JSON for Modern C++.
  • Easy: First-class, easy to use and carefully documented APIs.
  • Strict: Full JSON and UTF-8 validation, lossless parsing. Performance with no compromises.
  • Automatic: Selects a CPU-tailored parser at runtime. No configuration needed.
  • Reliable: From memory allocation to error handling, simdjson’s design avoids surprises.
  • Peer Reviewed: Our research appears in venues like VLDB Journal, Software: Practice and Experience.
  • Widely used: Used by ClickHouse, Microsoft, Shopify, Intel, Apache Doris, Dgraph, StarRocks, Meta Velox, Google Pax, WatermelonDB, the Node.js runtime, and many others. A dozen of ports and bindings have been published in Python, R, Ruby, PHP, C#, Rust, Swift, Go, etc.

This library is part of the Awesome Modern C++.


It is found on Ubuntu and Debian, FreeBSD, MSYS2, brew, conan and vcpkg.